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In August 1988, John Worcester started a seabed-style church. He had heard that Huntington Beach was "a new churchyard" due to the continuing start of the church that had failed in the last 20 years. But God did this unusual thing, and the bottom of the sea had grown to 175 before John moved to northern California to build another church two years later. In the summer of 1990, Bevan Unlau moved to Huntington Beach as the next minister of sea birds, and has served as a senior pastor since then. From the beginning, people at the bottom of the sea have been trying to live in seven cardiac positions. This is a practical outline of the New Testament on the behavior of Christians. Why? Our attitude of mind always reveals itself in our actions. Some, sooner or later, take action towards men and God, which reveals the true state of the human mind.

Established in 1988


The Seabreys Church is a gathering of people who want to give their lives to God and celebrate the people around them through related teachings, religious music, and loved people. At a submarine church, you can look at Christianity at your own pace without pressure.

Bevan has been an old clergyman since 1990. He is married to Rebecca and they have an adult child. Before the moratorium, Bevan was the director of marketing. In 1989, he received a master's degree in theology from the southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

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