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Reverend Mike Emily was praying to him to point out as the new clergyman in the church, and on this day he heard Mike remember the first message he had ever heard from the Church as the interim churchman. The message is 4:35 in Japan - look up and look at the harvest. In the 9:37-38 mountains, the harvest is good enough, but the number of laborers is small. And one Tim 2:4, who wants to save all the people. The name of the vision was confirmed - the clergyman Mike and Emily had already hoped to name the church. Vision Church Is Talking To see what Jesus saw, he raised his eyes and made a large harvest. receive God's heart that all men are saved It is rare to train laborers and make pupils

Established in 2013


Welcome to the vision church! God is planning wonderful things here. I hope you'll come and be part of what he's doing! Vision Church has witnessed the rescue of God and the knowledge of the plans for their lives. Our name is partly from John 4:35. Jesus told his disciples to "raise your eyes and look at the harvest." He was not ready to bring in crops, but Jesus, who was ready to receive the orders he had to give, was the countless people of the world, the ten-ten minutes of life and the rich day. We want God to save everything and understand the truth. 1 Timothy 2:4 Vision Church wants to see people Jesus came to save. And they experience his love and give him a place to plan their lives.