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Caspero, who gained the reputation of having a difficult and complex jury trial, created a large list of innocent jurors, successful negotiations and satisfactory customers. The Kaspero believes that they will continue to lead their customers to "a second chance" and fight for the best results. Caspero laid the foundations of his trial, expanded his business to the cutting-edge industries such as cannabis, and rationalized the way to obtain licenses for new entrepreneurs. After spending time and resources on data privacy and consumer application lineup, we combined innovative businesses to change multiple business environments through technology.

Established in 2008


&Privacy of criminal records; removal, domestic violence, public poisoning, DUI, drug crimes, detention orders

Caspero started teaching clinical psychology and aimed to use his knowledge in court. While learning about the human memory and psychological motivations, he applied his teaching to encounter police officers and to police investigations.  Kaspero was also good at speech and debate sessions through academic experience.

He went to Chapman's Law School, devoted himself to a high-level exam seminar, and was an executive at the prestigious Moot Court.   When he was a student, he worked for Newport Beach City Lawyer 's Office and became a legal clerk of several high-ranking judges in Orange County, gathering critical insights into the inner curtain and the hearts of the bailiff in the case behind the scenes.

Kaspero is a lifetime volunteer for Orangewood Children. ;#39; is a home where he spends his time, and helps children who are abused and ignored during difficult times.

Bart K.
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I've written a lot of reviews, but unfortunately this review is a little personal.  But I'll tell you the juicy details, and instead, I'll tell you my experience of Burt. The person knows what he is doing. My friend (a tough English man) had two great interests.  They do not ask for a criminal record, but are identified.  Caspero had both knowledge.  He was confident in how to find a solution to her problem, because he had an interesting background on citizenship and information privacy that he knew he could have worked hard to deal with her biggest fear. He came with such a recommendation that I can understand now why.  I talked with many people because it was my job to find people for her.  

(Anyone who knows my story will find tears when he hears this story.) And I think I can't sleep at night.)

Because she deals with technology companies, her reputation was basically high.  I was helping with translation, so I saw what happened from beginning to end.  It was not until the day she was interviewed that I was right in what he said.  I don't know how much this saved her.    

Warning: One thing I want to say is that I thought there was a simple answer to the problem, but it didn't. Therefore, those with complex history must be patient. I don't know how much I'm involved in the investigation of criminal records and the cancelation of my background research, and I have a rich history of technology and education.  so it was that which really surprised me.  I thought the five-minute phone call would be a trick, so it was a little sweet.

Bert helped this young woman so we really appreciate it. I didn't want to talk much about her case, but there must be many customers who choose not to talk despite the benefits of his work. I'm not. He deserves respect for his ability.

12/26/2020 11:25am



Bert is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. When many other lawyers told me that my case was hopeless, Bert told me that he had a choice. When legal advice is needed, it is often thought to be the result of either black or white, but Bert thoroughly explains all the gray for himself, and then it's a hard job to fight. He did more than he had expected, made many personal visits, and went out of his way to save the irresponsible situation. Bert is a true professional, a lawyer I rely on, and I recommend if you want to recommend to friends and family, or if there are other situations you need. He's fine.

12/31/2020 01:55am



I went to this lawyer to discuss a complex case and he helped me.  He is a good-natured man of law.  He knew the strategy exactly and was able to show it clearly.  He gave right advice at the right time. I'm really happy to know a lawyer like Bert, and I highly recommend him to anyone who filed a criminal or civil lawsuit. He! !!

01/03/2021 06:49am



If you want something, a busy person will ask you! If you are thinking of being represented by Bart Kaspero, this theory is not correct. I'm sure they'll think whether they'll forget or be ignored if they're busy, but that's not the case. I think I like working with people who meet the deadline, doing what they say when they say. Bert is that man, and he helps out. I entrusted my case to him and was deeply impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. Not only does he always return my phone or email, but he personally contacts me every time, and most importantly, he's done more than I thought he would. The result of what he has provided cannot make me happy. As a reliable top-notch lawyer, we strongly recommend Bert Caspero to anyone!

12/30/2020 11:19am



At the beginning of 2015, I got a license at a professional school, but I made a mistake and drove the car and was affected. I was charged with DUI charges, received a nine-month program from the court, paid a fee of more than 5,000 dollars and was convicted with a three-year suspension of execution. However, as I progressed my education, I realized that having a DUI would significantly impair my ability to take a degree. In the course of education, I had to take a background check with Rivaskan, and the background check failed, so I couldn't proceed with education. I hired Bert as a lawyer and applied for an early termination and cancelation of the DUI. No matter what I do, I've never met someone who is so happy to agree with me. He didn't quit and made constant efforts to see if we could get good results. After the battle, good results were produced and the DUI was abolished and the probation was ended. There's Bert who thanks for his shoulders being unloaded! I recommend this lawyer if you are in a similar predicament. Thank you! !

12/27/2020 03:42am



Mr. Caspero is a human!

He was smart, quick, and gave me a reassuring and case scenario to answer every question I had. His sense of humor was the best part of our meetings. There's nothing to laugh at to break the tension!

I can't thank him enough for everything I did to him to win my case. Thank you, Mr. Caspero. I will not forget all your help through this!

12/30/2020 05:50pm



Sadly, I had an accident and became the DUI representative in December 2015.  I literally hired a lawyer for two days and reached out to more than 12 regions.  After looking at hundreds of Yelp reviews and calling with the vaguely busy people,  I thought it easy to meet Bert Caspero.
Beyond gratitude!  I felt comfortable in his seat, and after consultation, I should not have seen any more.
No contest, Mooltime, Minor Community Service, and of course, DMV received a light decision that required DUI schools.  
but my troubles did not stop there.  I didn't take the DUI school class, I finished.  It is a crime to be punished  But Bert saved him again.  His efforts and proper efforts really showed his character.  He is enthusiastic.  This Eskia will never ignore me.  I take it for granted that I was saved from life in a prison on the weekend.
He is handsome.

Thank you for helping me.  Twice!

01/03/2021 07:23am



Pulled by the DUI. Bert helped me get ~  Big Issues & Amp; Expensive Rates. My friend introduced me to Bert's law firm. Bert is an excellent lawyer who fights for you from every angle.
I'm glad I got him on my side.

01/03/2021 05:15am



Caspero  All lawyers should do so. He went all my nightmares smoothly and he is warm and interesting, always paying attention to %100 and learning a lot of extraordinary knowledge.  He became as much as my customer's teacher and taught me life to stimulate my life. without (any) details  I was in a difficult situation. It was fortunate that fortune had tied us together.

If you are in a difficult situation. Don't think twice about calling
Bert. You will never regret it.

12/25/2020 12:45pm



Very professional and reliable lawyer! !

I was skeptical at first because he looked young, but I knew that he had been doing this work for a long time and was dealing with many cases. I consulted with him then, and when I saw how cold he was, I really didn't know what to think at first. But when we worked on the business, everything was processed in a professional way and in a timely manner. Everything went smoothly from the beginning to the end. He was in court, and as soon as he got it he called. My anxiety was due to a slight panic, but once I spoke I was relieved. I appreciate his efforts! !

For future reference, I recommend Bert to my friends and family.

12/29/2020 01:02pm