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On April 19, 2006, Mark received a phone call from his father to transform his life, forming legal practices. He was informed that his sister Connie had died in a car crash on a country road in Florida. She left three beautiful children, a kind husband, a sad-stricken parent, and a dejected brother, all of which were mercilessly transformed by the tragedy. He tries to cherish her memory by holding her memory and inspiration in his mind and helping people in need.

Established in 2003


*Personal injury indication* Personal injury is within the scope of a law that allows people who are injured in an accident to recover compensation for their injuries. In order to recover compensation, the California law requires that the victim show that the cause of the accident is another person's legal negligence. This is a failure under the same conditions to exercise the least care which would normally be employed by a proper person. Victims can recover both economic and economic losses as follows: - Medical expenses - Profit and loss - Lowering the quality of life - Physical damage - &Pain Amplifier; Pain *Employment Law* In the event that an employee's rights have been violated, the employer may be charged to obtain the possibility of compensation or other relief. However, the labor law is very complicated, and it is very important for people who believe that they have violated their rights at work to retain lawyers as soon as possible. Examples of the Employment Law we regularly deal with include: - Violation of wages and hours - Identify - Sexual harassment - Contract disputes - Retaliation - Insistence of whistleblower · Negligence in responding to disabilities - Harassment

Mark JD Ellis, a California lawyer, focuses on helping people and employers who are injured in preventable accidents and have violated their rights. Mark has been practicing for more than 13 years, but his interest in the law has successfully faced up to the unemployment dispute with his former employer, who is trying to stop the layoffs from receiving benefits. He has worked in many aspects of the law, from criminal to family law, bankruptcy to real estate. For the past 10 years, he has asked others to help the victims, and has committed bodily injury.

> After completing the undergraduate education at Rochester Institute of Technology, I went to Hoittia's Law School in Costa Mesa, California. He joined a bar in California in 2003 and soon founded Ellis Law Farm. Mark is married to his fellow lawyer, Malibel, and is the proud father of the three children.

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I had a car accident two years ago.  My case was finally resolved, and I was satisfied with the result, and my lawyer Mr. Ellis saved me from the tragedy!  to have someone else call him to avoid an accident.  The lawyer was always clear about the next stage of the request.

01/02/2021 10:57pm