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Alex Osol, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County, is in charge of all accidents including personal accidents, slips, falls, dog-bite cases, motorcycles and bicycle accidents.

Established in 2012


The Osol's Law Company is a personal injury company in Orange County, especially in a Class A building at Huntington Beach, California. We handle all types of personal and car accidents including: automobile accident case motorcycle accident case truck accident case slide dog-eater bed bug Travel and Autumn Death of Elderly Home

Alex Osol is a private lawyer. He has offices in San Diego and Orange County, and he likes to help customers get the best results in his case.

Alex O.
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Alex took a bold stand for me. He is a professional-grade & Alex, thank you so that my petition is approved. Great!

12/28/2020 10:17pm



This is real......  If legal assistance is required, it is highly recommended. Alex will give you good legal advice and help you get the best results you can. I was very satisfied with his work.

12/25/2020 11:59pm



Alex is good at what he does. I recently had a very serious and serious case with regard to insurance fraud. He was able to get me out of prison. I didn't go to prison, only community service. The fine was an extraordinary one. He is much better than me and I want to introduce him to many others. He's also cheap, and he's willing to work with you on payment plans...Don't go anywhere else. Alex is your opponent!

12/31/2020 09:34pm



I came into contact with the law for the first time in my life. After I paid my bail, I knew I had to face the judge, but I didn't know what to do next. I looked up a criminal lawyer on line. After reading some of the profiles of other lawyers, I decided to go with Alex Osol. I called Alex Osol for free consultation. I told Alex about my situation and told the police in front of the lawyer. Don't do this, everyone.) He told me that it was a big negative. He gave me a breakdown of what would happen next and what would be needed. That's not what I wanted to hear, but it's a fact of liking or dislike.  Alex was positive about my case, but honest and fair.  Alex took time to listen to my questions and discuss them. When the consultation was over, he asked me again and again if I had any questions. I called Alex several times, sent him an email, and he gave a timely answer. Alex didn't think he would answer so many questions, but he answered: He couldn't meet my expectations, and on my advice, he exceeded my expectations by far. We set up an appointment with Alex in our office, and the award on his wall summarizes his reputation. If you want an aggressive, honest and fair lawyer, Alex Osol is highly recommended.

01/03/2021 01:46pm