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Espanol, Armenian Russian! Porke le Despideron? S. Ledamieron Singe Epicaciones Buenas Ramenos Ahora Consulting Glattice! Typical capacity for demand? Damos Abogados Ku Hubran Espanol! Why did you get fired? Do you feel bad after being fired for a false reason? We'll call you to evaluate your case for free. Philosophy: Active pursuit of justice to prove your rights! Based on personal, representative, and class litigation-based experiences in handling plaintiffs and defense litigation, we offer you the best results. LIT LAW FARM has a strategy that delivers the most favorable and cost effective results for any conflict, while offering a compelling customer recommendation. Creative Royaling. An efficient solution-incomparable result. Espanol, Armenian Russian!

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COVID-19: Whether you're an employer or an employee, give your customers advice on how to navigate the law at an affordable price. Please contact us: 714.794.8558 or 818.928.5529. If you are suffering from a inherently dangerous and harmful workplace, you need a lawyer who will protect your rights and act as a voice for the heavy employer. The Employment Law attorney Lilit Solmer of Solmer fights for those who are treated unfairly or exposed to unpleasant working conditions. The Solmer Row Farm also provides business counseling services to help employers keep up with employment laws and establish fair and legal corporate policies. Whether you're an employee or an employer in Orange County, you can be sure that Solmer Law Farm has a passionate determination to achieve its goals and to help restore justice. Please contact Solmar Law Farm to see how the lawyer Lilit Solmer can help you today.

Brief History:
Ms Solmer provides a high level of expression for a wide range of lawsuits in front of states, federal courts, and administrative agencies.   Based on insights from past experiences dealing with plaintiffs and defense lawsuits in personal, representative, and class litigation, Ms Solmer coordinates and advocates the strategy for obtaining the most advantageous and cost effective results of any dispute on behalf of the customer.  Ms Solmer specializes in common business and civil cases, as well as employment and related disputes.

Psychology, B.A, Spanish Elementary School, Russian Literature, University of California, Los Angeles, 2008 Dean' List members
Dr. Julis, 2011.

Spanish, Russian, and Armenian
Los Angeles County Bar Association, Employment and Labor
Ventura County Bar Association
Los Angeles Consumer Lawyers Association

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12/25/2020 05:27am