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Our team helps you achieve financial freedom from debt and help you for future financial security. Bankruptcy is a powerful tool that stops all collection activities and brings you a new financial start. What about the student loan? We are covering that too. Lawyer Christine successfully repaid student loans of more than two million dollars due to bankruptcy. Our operations include bankruptcy, counterparty proceedings, breach of discharge, and the filing of the trustee as set forth in Chapters 7 and 13 of all Services. I'll help you to restore your credit after bankruptcy. Don't delay another day or struggle to pay off your debt before you talk to Christine. She has a strategic legal solution to help her customers achieve their financial goals and begin to take the path to eliminating debt. Call us now for a 30-minute free phone call.

I'm not sure if you're not a real person. is not just a client. &Relocate Families;#39;re family Life is messy and you have debt. My criticism is a direct testimony to my being human, just like you. I walked the path of bankruptcy and decided what to ask.

First of all, you're the #39; In fact, it was so free to run out of debt that I should have done it early to put an end to the pain of avoiding bankruptcy.
Next, the degree of credit increases. Removing all debt removes the loan ratio problem with the FICO's algorithm. It's true that bankruptcy affects your credit score, but you win & amplifier; #39; stops you from holding a credit.   My philosphy is that you're a t afford awey; Anyway, your blood pressure is more important than your credit.

I'm very proud to help people protect their assets and to help them lose their debt in bankruptcy. My team paid a customer loan of more than two million dollars.

Christine K.
business owner





He is one of the best lawyers in this field.  Why?  She's a noble, hard worker, really worried about her customers...Really...I have a direct experience of this.  Also, great colleagues and friends who share information and spend time giving themselves to the community.  I didn't really recommend Christine.

Just as her office location has changed to Huntington Beach!

12/27/2020 05:42am



Where do you start?  If you're looking for a lawyer who can easily contact you...Christine Kingston isn't.  I can't tell how many times I sent an email after I sent it, or if I didn't get any answers at all!  Even if I take it to the assistant...Nothing.

After months of this treatment, I decided to quit and asked for a small deposit.

What is her answer?  Not only did she refuse the refund, she asked me to write an end letter.


Christine was recommended to the church we went to.  When I first met her, her vocabulary was "F" and "F" and I was completely surprised.  She spoke to me like this and I was depressed...Potential at that time  Although I should have had a hunch to ask for legal aid elsewhere, she was convinced that if I paid a little deposit, it would be enough to start.  

The only thing her office provided was frustration.

If you need legal assistance, go elsewhere.  Christine is an amateur...I just want money like a recent lawyer.

12/29/2020 10:52am



There is no lawyer for you to work harder. She is kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. Christine really cares about her customers. I recommend her service without hesitation.

12/31/2020 02:25pm



He is the best lawyer and great man, and he is thankful to Christine, and God's blessing. Those who read this review will never think of it again, but this is the professional you need. She takes her heart to help people and customers.

12/30/2020 10:05pm